61 Patients of Tulsa Dental Clinic Test Positive for Hepatitis, HIV

Health officials in Oklahoma announced this week that 61 patients of a Tulsa dental clinic have tested positive for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV.

In March, nearly 7,000 patients of dentist W. Scott Harrington were informed that they may have been exposed to the viruses due to substandard sterilization practices at the clinic.

All were encouraged to undergo testing, and 57 patients tested positive for Hepatitis C, three tested positive for Hepatitis B, and at least one other patient tested positive for HIV.

The patients were tested following an inspection of Harrington’s facilities on March 18 by the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry. The Board cited several sanitation issues, including the routine use of rusty instruments on patients who had known infections.

According to an official statement by health officials, it is as yet unclear exactly how many of the patients who tested positive actually contracted the diseases at Harrington’s office.

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Written by Inkelaar Law