The Benefits of Meditating While Recovering From a Nebraska Car Accident

An increasing number of studies show that meditation can have dramatic positive impact, including—but not limited to—stress relief. Experts recommend meditating for approximately 40 minutes a day for at least eight weeks to take full advantage of these benefits. However, many people experience greater calm, patience, and clear-headedness immediately after the first few sessions. If you aren’t sure exactly how to approach your meditation routine, consider signing up for a class at a local meditation center or gym. You can also attend a meditation retreat for a more extensive period of relaxation and to perfect your technique for at-home, continuous practice.

Alternatively, if you’re more comfortable practicing meditation at home, consider the following tips for beginners.

  • Limit sessions to 3-5 minutes: Data from the Lift goal-tracking app shows that most beginner meditators started with 3-5 minutes. Although this might seem too easy, a few minutes can feel like a pretty long time when you first start. Meditation is all about focusing on the present moment and really feeling your bodily sensations. To start, try paying full attention to the sensations of taking three large breaths followed by slow exhales.
  • Find your “happy place”: Meditate in a quiet, peaceful place where you feel completely comfortable, like a lush park or your back patio. If you’re more comfortable at home, set the mood by lighting incense, dimming the lights, and/or turning on some calming music.
  • Warm up: If you’re feeling too anxious to sit still, try a few warm-up yoga exercises to improve circulation and alleviate restlessness. Even just a little bit of physical activity beforehand can make it easier to focus and avoid fatigue.
  • The website offers excellent insights into the practice of mindfulness, providing easy to process lessons that take just 10 minutes a day. HeadSpace has been featured in stories from Wired, The New York Times, Esquire and The Financial Times.

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Written by Inkelaar Law