A Brief Introduction to Criminal Fraud

Long gone are the days of being incredibly trusting with our personal information, finances, or other key aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, fraud has become so much more prevalent in today’s technology and social media-driven society that we now have to safeguard ourselves from people who might want to do us harm. What are the most common types of criminal fraud to be aware of, and who is usually targeted Read More

How a Misdemeanor Conviction Can Impact the Rest of Your Life

The word “criminal” often carries significant weight in the world, and for the most part it’s a term that people want to avoid being associated with. Yet when it comes to the types of crimes that you can be arrested for, it’s not just arson or murder that brings about criminal charges. Even violations of the law that are misdemeanors come with serious consequences and life-long implications. What Exactly Is a Read More

What Constitutes “Disfigurement” in a Nebraska Personal Injury Case?

Experiencing any kind of accident that results in a personal injury can be traumatizing. Not only do you have to deal with missed time from work and medical appointments, but depending on the severity of the accident, you might be in a lot of pain and even facing disability. When an accident is so severe that it causes permanent disfigurement, what does that actually mean and what compensation are you entitled to Read More

Conclusion of Our Nebraska Car Accident Series

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill At the beginning of this blog post series, we learned that Nebraska's 2014 car accident death toll was the highest number on record in nearly a decade, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This fact puts your legal, physical and emotional challenges into perspective, in that you Read More

Boost Your Finances In The Wake Of Your Nebraska Car Accident

Court fees, lost work, medical bills, and other expenses can quickly put your financial life in disarray. Although your award or settlement hopefully can cover the bulk of these expenses, you will likely need to reconfigure your budget and financial habits as soon as possible. Particularly if you received a large sum of money, consider hiring a professional financial planner or accountant to create a reliable budget, Read More

The Benefits of Meditating While Recovering From a Nebraska Car Accident

An increasing number of studies show that meditation can have dramatic positive impact, including—but not limited to—stress relief. Experts recommend meditating for approximately 40 minutes a day for at least eight weeks to take full advantage of these benefits. However, many people experience greater calm, patience, and clear-headedness immediately after the first few sessions. If you aren't sure exactly how to Read More

Enhance Your Diet And Exercise Routine After A Nebraska Car Accident

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are exercising more frequently than ever, with 55.5% indicating frequent exercise in June 2015. This figure is the highest on record since Gallup and Healthways began tracking the metric in January 2008. Although you may have maintained a solid exercise routine over the years, a car accident can quickly throw your routine off track. In terms of maintaining physical health Read More

When Does a Death Qualify as “Wrongful” in Nebraska?

Losing someone you love can be horrific, especially if it was the result of an accident that could have been prevented. Not only do the remaining family members have to deal with their pain and suffering from the loss, but they are also left with medical, funeral, and cost of living expenses. Certain criteria can create a scenario in which the passing of a person can be classified as a wrongful death, and legal Read More

Restoring and Reviving Your Life After a Nebraska Car Accident

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.” - Henry Ford Like most people, you likely already had a busy and fruitful life before the car accident. Perhaps you were facing serious challenges, such as a recent loss of employment, a death in the family or divorce. Maybe you had just gotten your driver's license and/or your first personal vehicle. Whatever your situation, the Read More

Watch Out For Insurance Companies After A Car Accident

As we mentioned in Section One of this blog post series, insurance companies can be quite aggressive during the repair and recovery process. They and the agents that represent them may not have bad intentions or a desire to cheat you out of what you deserve. But at the end of the day, insurance companies are businesses, and your liability poses a threat to their profits. According to a recent FBI report, the total Read More