Understanding Nebraska Auto Accident Liability

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were nearly 1.6 million car accidents in the US in 2013 that resulted in injuries. Car accidents are literally an everyday occurrence, and they can strike at any time. But who’s to say who actually caused an accident? Sure, sometimes it can be obvious. A driver gets caught on camera running a red light when they t-boned a truck. A driver Read More

Understanding Nebraska Dog Liability

For most dog owners, their furry friend is simply another member of the family. It can be easy to forget that every dog has the potential to bite, no matter how docile or friendly they may seem, or how well you think you know the pet. Dog attacks can be incredibly damaging and even fatal, particularly when children are involved—and it is quite often that children are involved since many do not understand signs of Read More

What NOT To Do When Your Child is Being Bullied

Bullying is a pervasive problem throughout the United States. Nearly 1/3rd of all US students in grades 6-12 have been the victims of bullying, and with the rise of the constant interaction afforded by social media, cyberbullying has also become a major issue. Far too many young students try to keep the bullying a secret, but when parents do find out they often do not handle the situation properly. Here’s what Read More

3 Key Steps to Take if You Are Injured at Work

A workplace injury can be a devastating blow to you and your family. It could leave you in pain, with serious medical bills, and unable to work. Luckily, worker’s compensation is meant to help you handle the financial burden of this challenging situation. Unfortunately, many employers and insurance companies will look for any possible reason or loophole they can use to deny your claim and minimize or flat out deny Read More

Online Network of Care Offers Local Data to Nebraskans

Health departments throughout Nebraska have teamed up to deliver local data through a new website, www.networkofcare.org. The site offers county-level statistics and information that can be helpful for many Nebraska residents. Helpful information you will find at www.networkofcare.org includes: Key health statistics Wellness education statistics Relevant information on health issues Relevant information Read More

New State Program Gears Toward Teen Driver Safety

Yesterday, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) unveiled a new program designed to teach teens safe driving skills. The program takes aim at a nationwide problem: the high fatality rates in drivers under 20 years old. The program consists of materials that will be available to parents of drivers receiving their learner's permit in DMV offices throughout the state. The materials include manuals such as a Read More

Lancaster County and Norris School District to Pay Damages to Pickup Driver

Lancaster County and the Norris School District have been found liable in a 2009 school bus crash that left 23 schoolchildren with minor injuries and a pickup driver with a traumatic brain injury, broken bones and a possible leg amputation. The ruling, from District Court Judge Steven Burns, stated that the county's failure to check on a missing stop sign contributed to the accident, as well as the bus driver's Read More

Death Toll in Ignition Switch Recall Reaches 100

Since February of 2014, General Motors has recalled 2.59 million vehicles for a faulty small-car ignition switch that can cause all electrical components of a vehicle to unintentionally turn off, including the engine and airbags, resulting in countless auto accidents. The recall included Saturn Ion and Chevrolet Cobalt models. If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a defective car part, contact Read More

KMTV Interviews Student Victims of Bullying

KMTV’s Emily Szink had the chance to interview and speak with Frida Aguilera De la Torre and Jared Williamson, two Nebraska students who were attacked and assaulted by bullies in 2014. Both Frida and Jared were brutally attacked by fellow students while bystanders stood by watching and videotaping the vicious assaults. During the interview, Szink was able to discuss the attacks with the two students. Both Read More

Boy Struck By Vehicle While Crossing the Road

A young boy suffered a broken leg on Wednesday morning around 7:00 a.m. after being struck by a car near 96th Street and Mockingbird Drive in Omaha. Police reports indicate that the boy was crossing the street heading east when the SUV traveling northbound struck the young boy. Further investigation shows that there were several vehicles in the left northbound lane blocking the driver’s line of sight, while the Read More