A Brief Introduction to Criminal Fraud

Long gone are the days of being incredibly trusting with our personal information, finances, or other key aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, fraud has become so much more prevalent in today’s technology and social media-driven society that we now have to safeguard ourselves from people who might want to do us harm. What are the most common types of criminal fraud to be aware of, and who is usually targeted Read More

How a Misdemeanor Conviction Can Impact the Rest of Your Life

The word “criminal” often carries significant weight in the world, and for the most part it’s a term that people want to avoid being associated with. Yet when it comes to the types of crimes that you can be arrested for, it’s not just arson or murder that brings about criminal charges. Even violations of the law that are misdemeanors come with serious consequences and life-long implications. What Exactly Is a Read More

Understanding the Difference Between DUIs and DWIs in Nebraska

Getting pulled over after having one too many drinks can be life changing, and understanding the ramifications are essential. While the typical terminology you often hear is DUI, there is actually another charge you could be faced with in Nebraska depending on what is found in your system. This article will look at the difference between a DUI and a DWI in Nebraska, and how being found guilty of these offenses will Read More

Man Caught After Attempting to Flee Police Officers

Early Tuesday morning a man was taken into custody after attempting to flee from police officers in his pickup-truck. Police have indicated they attempted to pull over the pickup truck for improper plates near 24th and Sahler streets around 12:30am. As the man attempted to get away, he slammed into a fence near 24th and Spaulding streets. The drivers name and charges have not yet been released, while the man Read More

Neligh Woman, 61, Sentenced in Arson Case

Daphne Hansen will have a new home after her conspiracy to burn down another for insurance money. The 61-year-old Neligh resident was sentenced to prison for her involvement in an arson conspiracy. According to Sioux City's KTIV, Hansen was sentenced Wednesday in Antelope County District Court and will spend 2.5 - 3.5 years in a Nebraska penitentiary. In May, Hansen had been convicted of arson, conspiracy to Read More

Big Beef Burglar Pleads Guilty in Meat Stealing Conspiracy

A California man pled guilty to beef thievery after a conspiracy to steal hundreds of thousands in meat from Nebraska Beef. Artak Medjbarian, 33, of Sherman Oaks, plotted with other individuals to steal a $163,000 shipment from the Omaha company. According to the Associated Press, Medjbarian and his cohorts attempted to impersonate a worker with transport authority from a legitimate freight company, in an attempt Read More