A Short Guide to Nebraska Medical Malpractice Claims

Dealing with a personal injury can be stressful and difficult, and we rely on our medical professionals to give us the proper treatment we need when we need it. But what happens when our doctors do not do their job correctly in our situation? There are a number of instances that can occur that would allow an individual to file a lawsuit against their provider and engage in a medical malpractice claim. What does Read More

6 Common Medical Errors That May Lead to a Malpractice Lawsuit

We put great trust in doctors and other medical professionals, but even doctors make mistakes. Unfortunately, a doctor’s mistakes can significantly affect their patients’ lives. Nebraska medical malpractice law allows the victim of a medical error or their family to obtain compensation for losses related to the mistake. Generally speaking, if it can be shown that a doctor-patient relationship existed, that the Read More

Steps in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Injured patients in Nebraska have a legal right to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice whenever a health care provider’s negligence has caused harm. There are standards of care that are required to be upheld by each medical specialty, when a healthcare provider acts in a manner that violates that standard of care and injures a patient, this is considered medical negligence. Medical negligence is an actual Read More

“Near Misses” in the Medical Community

It's no secret that the medical profession is high-pressure. With rotations in excess of 24 hours, understaffing and an endless rush to treat the next patient, healthcare employees are often put in predicaments that can lead to a medical mistake. According to one brave doctor who chose to share her story of a "near miss", medical errors will continue to happen unless doctors forge an open discussion in the Read More

87 People Sick from Hepatitis A-Contaminated Fruit

Contaminated frozen berry mix is to blame for sickening 87 people in eight states, according to a recent recall announcement. Thirty-six of the 87 people diagnosed with hepatitis A linked to a berry mix have required hospitalization. The product, Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend Berry Mix, was sold at Costco stores nationwide. The product was recalled on June 3. Infected victims range in age from 2 Read More

Parents Sue Over Child’s Sex Reassignment Surgery

A couple in South Carolina announced on Tuesday that they have filed a lawsuit against the state's child welfare agency and doctors who performed sexual-reassignment surgery on their child when she was a toddler. The suit was filed by Pam and Mark Crawford, whose child was born with both male and female reproductive organs. According to court documents, the South Carolina Department of Social Services allowed Read More

Surgeon Who Operated on Wrong Side of Brain Faces Lawsuit

A St. Louis-area surgeon who operated on the wrong side of a woman's brain is now facing a lawsuit, according to court records. The suit was filed by 53-year-old Regina Turner on Friday against Dr. Armond Levy of St. Clare Health Center in Fenton alleging that he performed a right-sided craniotomy bypass instead of the left-sided craniotomy bypass she was supposed to receive. Turner had suffered several Read More

61 Patients of Tulsa Dental Clinic Test Positive for Hepatitis, HIV

Health officials in Oklahoma announced this week that 61 patients of a Tulsa dental clinic have tested positive for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV. In March, nearly 7,000 patients of dentist W. Scott Harrington were informed that they may have been exposed to the viruses due to substandard sterilization practices at the clinic. All were encouraged to undergo testing, and 57 patients tested positive for Read More

Doctor Sued for Performing HIV Test Without Consent

A woman who tested HIV-positive has filed suit against her New York doctor for allegedly performing the test without her consent. The suit was filed by an unidentified woman against Dr. Pavel Yutsis, who she claims tested her for human immunodeficiency virus without obtaining her written consent beforehand. The woman also alleges that Yutsis failed to provide counseling after giving her the results of the Read More

Family of ‘Hep C’ Doctor Sued by Bankruptcy Trustee

The family of a doctor in Nevada charged with murder over allegations that he infected patients with hepatitis C has been sued by a bankruptcy trustee for $16.5 million, according to court documents. Trustee William A. Leonard Jr. filed the lawsuit this week, claiming that the wife and daughters of Dr. Dipak Desai received $16 million from the doctor's estate in 2005 in an attempt to hide the money from Read More