The 5 Red Flags of Nursing Home or Assisted Living Abuse

You’re worried about your elderly mother, and with good reason. When she first moved into that new Omaha nursing home, she seemed positive, upbeat, and generally glad to have the medical care and assistance she needed. Now, months later, she hasn’t improved at all. If anything, she’s gotten worse. She has lost weight and seems depressed, although she shrugs off your questions and concern. Don’t let the matter Read More

Spot the Signs: 6 Common Indicators of Nursing Home Abuse

Americans are living much longer than ever before. Additionally with aging baby-boomers, more and more seniors will enter a nursing home or other elder facility in the near future. When our loved ones enter such a facility, we expect that their needs will be met and that they will be safe and secure. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Reported cases of elder abuse have risen steadily over the past decade. If Read More

Nursing Home Abuse: What To Watch Out For As A Family Member

Finding out that your loved one has been abused in a nursing home facility can be devastating and make you feel guilty and/or powerless. You can ensure that your loved ones do not become silent victims by paying attention to warning signs and contacting Inkelaar Law when you suspect nursing home abuse. Categories Of Nursing Home Abuse Nearly ten percent of nursing home residents are abused each year and they are Read More

The Federal Tort Claims Act and Nursing Home Abuse

Under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA,) anyone with knowledge of a company’s shady dealings or dishonesty may come forward with the information and be shielded against retaliation. These cases are also known as “whistleblower” cases, and the person who “blows the whistle” may be entitled to a portion of the damages that are recovered by the government against the company in question. One industry that is not Read More

Autistic Man Branded with Kitchen Tool Sues State-Run Residential Facility

A man who suffers from severe autism is suing a New York City residential facility where an employee branded him with a heated potato masher, according to court documents. The suit, which is set to be filed in Bronx Supreme Court by 24-year-old Eduardo Sandoval, names the Leake & Watts state residential facility and the employees who allegedly branded him as defendants. The incident occurred in June 2012 Read More

Illinois Nursing Home Sued Over Maggots in Patient’s Ear

A nursing home in Illinois is facing a lawsuit filed by the family of a patient who had maggots in her ear, according to court documents. The lawsuit was filed by the family of Catherine McCann, 90, on November 28 against Lutheran Home, a nursing care facility in Arlington Heights, Illinois. An employee at the nursing home was caring for McCann, when she noticed a maggot crawl out of her ear. She immediately Read More

Assaults Uncovered at California Group Home

Nearly a dozen instances of assault have been uncovered at a California group home for the disabled, according to an investigation by California Watch, and investigative journalism group. The incidents occurred last fall, when a caregiver used a stun gun on residents of the state-run Sonoma Developmental Center in Eldridge, one of only five board-and-care facilities in the state serving patients with cerebral Read More

7 Nursing Home Residents in Protective Custody

Seven nursing home residents in South Carolina will not be forced to return to their group homes after a family court judge ruled that they should remain in the emergency protective custody of the state. Judge Gwen Smalls ruled on Tuesday that there is sufficient probable cause for the South Carolina Department of Social Services to keep the seven in its custody due to the "horrendous" conditions found at their Read More

Florida Not Monitoring Nursing Homes

A report published in the Miami Herald on Sunday reveals that the Florida Health Care Administration has failed to properly monitor nursing homes. The newspaper reported several incidents involving residents dying at poorly run assisted-living facilities throughout the state. In one case, a 74-year-old man died after being given a bath in scalding water, and in another a resident suffering from Alzheimer's was Read More

Nursing Home Director Charged with Neglect in Overdoses

The director of a nursing home in Chicago has been charged with criminal neglect and obstruction of justice for allegedly failing to take action after discovering an employee was overdosing patients with morphine, prosecutors say. Director Penny Whitlock, 62, is facing criminal prosecution in connection with an investigation of six deaths at the Woodstock Residence nursing facility in 2006. The investigation Read More