Personal Injury Law Process

There is no single uniform litigation process for personal injury cases in Nebraska. But there are many similarities among the cases and several steps that are common to all personal injury cases. What Kicks off a Personal Injury Case? Injury A personal injury case usually begins after someone suffers a personal injury. There needs to be proof that someone has suffered an injury. If there is no such proof, then Read More

Who is Liable When Your Child is Injured?

An injured child is every parent’s worst nightmare. When your child is injured at school, at a friend’s house, or on a field trip, you may be unsure of your rights and legal options as a parent. Depending on the circumstances of your child’s injury, you may be able to file a lawsuit and seek compensation on his or her behalf. Injuries at School Children spend over a quarter of their lives in school. It stands to Read More

Recovery Efforts Remain Following Omaha Plant Explosion

On Tuesday, following the International Nutrition plant explosion, recovery efforts remained in full throttle. What was once the workplace of over 38 employees, is now a twisted and shambled mess. Investigators determined that the blast caused structural support beams in the building to fail, resulting in the second and third floors of the plant collapsing to the first floor. The blast also knocked the lights out, Read More

At Least 10 Injured During International Nutrition Explosion

On Monday morning there was an industrial accident at International Nutrition in south-central Omaha. The accident would result in ten people being sent to the hospital, and two suffering from critical injuries. At the time of the incident, there were 38 people at work, while they could not determine how many remained inside. According to Interim Fire Chief Bernard Kanger, “It was a very dangerous situation and Read More

The Dangers of Colored Contact Lenses

While colored contact lenses may add that extra dramatic affect you have been looking for to your Halloween costume, they can also cause serious and permanent eye damage. It is illegal for anyone to purchase contact lenses without a prescription and the FDA, U.S Immigration, Homeland Security, and U.S Customs and Border Protection are working to seize counterfeit lenses entering the United States. So you may be Read More

The Invisible Bike Helmet

One of the biggest downfalls about riding a bike is wearing a huge bike helmet. Not only are these helmets incredibly uncomfortable, but they also look funny as well. In any case, riders continue to wear them as they have been proven to prevent injuries and safe lives in the case of a bicycle accident. As a result, two Swedish women, who became annoyed with wearing bike helmets, decided to create an invisible bike Read More

Grand Island Man Assaults Wife and 23-Year Old in One Day

On Saturday morning police were called to a fight in Grand Island after a man had stabbed another. When the police arrived they found a 23 year old lying next to a pickup truck. The man hand been stabbed in the back by a 46 year old man. Reports indicate that police had responded to the same address earlier that morning as the same 46 year old man has assaulted his wife. The man is now being held in Hall County Read More