Omaha Motorcyclist Fatally Injured Following Collision

Early Wednesday morning police were called to 60th and Leavenworth streets near Elmwood Park, where it was confirmed that one person was dead following a motorcycle accident.

Police reports indicate that the motorcycle was traveling west on Leavenworth Street, but as the driver entered onto Elmwood Park on Elmwood Park Drive, he failed to turn during a curve to the right. The driver continued to stray off the road and collided into a metal utility pole.

Across Nebraska, there were over 560 motorcycle accidents reported in 2011, which was an increase by two percent from 2010, according to the Nebraska Department of Roads. These numbers have continued to remain steady throughout the years, as motorcyclists are much more susceptible to injuries and fatalities than those traveling in passenger vehicles.

Although our attorneys at Inkelaar Law have great sympathy for the family and friends of this young man, we must continue to properly train ourselves to ride these vehicles, while also paying attention for them while driving on our Nebraska roadways.

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Written by Inkelaar Law